Laptop Upgradation

We can upgrade laptop configuration.......

Hard Disk Upgradation

Is your old laptop hard drive running out of space? You probably know that you can upgrade your desktop computer's hard drive. But you may not know that you can upgrade the hard drive on your laptop. Here, we'll show you how to double or even triple the hard drive space on your laptop.

Memory Upgradation

To upgrade your laptop's computer memory. Installation of RAM is one of the easiest way to speed up your computer as only hardware installation is needed, without the need of any software. It is also relatively inexpensive to upgrade compared to other parts.

Processor Upgradation

The Slot 1 processors and specification is a registered trademark of Intel, and because of this, AMD could not design a compatible slot. Therefore, AMD created the Slot A that looks similar to Intel's Slot 1 but are not compatible. Therefore, a Slot 1 processor will not work in a Slot A motherboard and a Slot A will not work in a Slot 1.